Elizabeth Howatt-Jackman - Principal Print



Elizabeth came to the film industry from the finance and management side of the business, with invaluable experience gained in merchant banking in Melbourne and on Wall Street, then film management experience gained as Business Affairs Manager for Crawfords Australia and Deputy Director of Film Victoria.

In 2005, Elizabeth produced the feature film based on the best selling novel Hating Alison Ashley by Robin Klein. Starring Delta Goodrem, the film became the highest grossing Australian feature that year. Elizabeth also developed a successful licensing program of spin off books, apparel, cosmetics and jewelry, thereby creating a long-running licensed brand that sold successfully nationwide in the high-end department store David Jones and specialty boutique outlets throughout Australia.

Switching from kidsí to thrillers, Elizabeth used her legal and finance skills to help raise private investment to finance the candy horror PREY after teaming up with another production company Apex Feline.

Elizabeth has now developed a large and diverse range of film and television projects aimed at mainstream world audiences, including DUST AND GLORY, the action adventure about the longest, toughest car race in the world and MONARCH, a sweeping epic historic drama based on the tumultuous years of the reign of King Richard III. These and other projects may be viewed in the FUTURE SLATE section.